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Theses & reports

Research Master report, von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics - [July 2017]
Simulations of electron concentration in the wake of meteors and application to radio observations - The problem of atmospheric entry of meteors is studied with the principal aim of simulating the free electrons concentrations in the tail, for radio observation purposes. DSMC simulations of spheric nonablating meteors are performed at 20 and 72 km/s. The topology of a meteor trail is analyzed. A previously developed 1D Lagrangian reactor (see MSc thesis) is extended to 2D geometries and applied to compute the electrons concentration in the diffusing and reacting trail.

MSc thesis, Politecnico di Milano - [September 2016]
Development of a Lagrangian solver for thermochemical nonequilibrium flows - My first step into nonequilibrium flows! Deals with the development of a solver in C++ that might correct a rough numerical simulation by including a more detailed chemistry and/or thermal nonequilibrium. Aimed at hypersonic flows, such as atmospheric entry.

Publications (list not necessarily complete or updated...)

Journal papers

Boccelli, S., Charoy, T., Alvarez Laguna, A., Chabert, P., Bourdon, A., Magin, T.E., Collisionless ion modeling in Hall thrusters: analytical axial velocity distribution function and heat flux closures., Physics of Plasmas, 2020 (accepted).

F. Bariselli, S. Boccelli, B. Dias, A. Hubin, & T.E. Magin, Simulation of Meteor Trails with Application to Radio Observations, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2020 (accepted).

M. Babaiasl, S. Boccelli, Y. Chen, F. Yang, J-L. Ding, & J. P. Swensen, Predictive Mechanics-based Model for Depth-of-Cut (DOC) of Waterjet in Soft-Tissue for Waterjet-assisted Medical Applications, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 2020.

S. Boccelli, F. Bariselli, B. Dias, & T. E. Magin, Lagrangian diffusive reactor for detailed thermochemical computations of plasma flows, Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2018.

Conference papers

K. V. Mani, S. Boccelli, A. Cervone & F. Topputo, Electric Propulsion Characterization for a Stand-Alone Mars CubeSat, International Electric Propulsion Conference, Vienna, 2019.

F. Bariselli, S. Boccelli, B. Dias, A. Hubin & T. E. Magin, Detailed simulations of meteor trails with application to radio observations, FAR – International Conference on Flight Vehicles, Aerothermodynamics and Re-Entry Missions & Engineering, Monopoli, 2019.

P. Parodi, D. Le Quang, F. Bariselli, S. Boccelli, Z. Alsalihi & T. E. Magin, Study of a collector- intake system for VLEO air-breathing platforms, FAR – International Conference onf Flight Vehicles, Aerothermodynamics and Re-Entry Missions & Engineering, Monopoli, 2019.

F. Bariselli, S. Boccelli, T. E. Magin, A. Frezzotti, & A. Hubin, Aerothermodynamic modelling of meteor entry flows in the rarefied regime, 2018 Joint Thermophysics and Heat Transfer Conference (p. 4180), 2018.


Unsteady quasi-1D flows - [Theory, 2018] - A blackboard derivation for unsteady quasi-1D isentropic flows. The derivation of this unsteady case is simple, yet not so common in textbooks!

Design and SPICE simulation of BJT amplifiers and oscillators - [PDF, 2019] - Some handwritten notes on the practical design (how to pick the components values etc). Includes SPICE netlists for the simulated examples and for some transfer functions.