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This page collects some projects made in collaboration with friends or lab reports. Finally, some "flesh and blood" stuff!


Plasma jet spectroscopy - [written in ENGLISH] - This document reviews basic emission spectroscopy techniques, applied to a plasma jet and ablation of a carbon specimen. Atomic and molecular species are identified from the spectrum, and plasma and wall temperatures are retrieved.

Load Cell

Data Acquisition on the Road - [written in ITALIAN] - This document is about the design and building of a data acquisition system for aerodynamic forces measurements. The system is composed by a load cell and a data acquisition system to be mounted out of the window of a moving car: one can build a scaled wing or any other lifting shape and test it cheaply this way.

Road Spectra - [written in ITALIAN] - Me and my friend have instrumented with strain gauges a bicicle frame and then computed load spectra on some roads in Milan. The document describes the strain gauge configuration, an acquisition circuit and of course contains some nice images!

Real Gases

Butane data acquisition - [written in ITALIAN] - This pdf is about a system I scratch-built to compress a gas and find it's equation of state. The system is interfaced to the computer, using Octave to read data and plot it real-time: temperature, pressure and piston position are displayed. I experimented with a butane/propane commercial mixture: collected data is fitted on the van der Waals and Redlich-Kwong laws and compared to literature Span-Wagner model for butane.

Please note that a poor calibration for the pressure sensor and a little possible gas leackage while moving the piston made data unreliable.. Hope you'll find that useful anyway :)