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∇ Hypersonics and kinetic theory

LARSEN - [C++, May 2019] - LAgrangian Reactor for StrEams in Nonequilibrium, is a Lagrangian solver able to recompute the chemical composition of a multi-temperature reacting mixture, from a low-fidelity baseline simulation. Result of my MSc thesis and Research Master project work at VKI. Only the single-streamline mode is available in this repository. For the multi-streamline mode, drop me an email.

FVKin - [C++, November 2018] - This is a minimal C++ Finite Volume solver for the 1D1V collisionless Vlasov/Boltzmann equation with forcing and source terms. External force field (assumed to be electrostatic in nature) and chemical source are imported from a file. Small and undocumented, the code should be self-explanatory.

The solver returns the distribution function "f", depicted here at the right for a testcase. The scheme is second order in space and first order explicit in time.

∇ Parallel Computing

Linux Clustering Step-by-Step plus something extra - [PDF document, October 2015] - This is a step by step tutorial on making a Beowulf cluster out of computers using Linux and Open MPI. Part I: basic cluster tutorial - Part II: diskless cluster tutorial. Actually, that's not just a tutorial since I've tried to fill it with various appendixes: from the bootstrap process to a brief history of UNIX shells. Hope you enjoy!


CheeseFEM - [Octave, July 2014] - Here's a little FEM code I wrote under Octave to analyze the thermal transitory into a piece of Emmental cheese! The goal is to solve parabolic (no convection/reaction) equations into a heterogeneous domain. The code is composed by a mesh generator, a preprocessor and the solver / postprocessor. CheeseFEM presentation (pdf).

In the picture, a simulation of a material with very-little-conductive particles inside

NSSSS - Navier Stokes Stability and Structural Sensitivity - [MATLAB and FreeFem++, Feb 2015] - This is a collection of Matlab and FreeFem++ scripts to perform stability and structural sensitivity analysis of an incompressible fluid flow. Click here for a pdf document with some theory and many colored plots.

In the picture, the structural sensitivity parameter for a flow past a triangular bluff-body

∇ Aerodynamics

VorDyn2.0 - [MATLAB, May 2014] - VorDyn2.0 is a vortex lattice method for computation of forces, moments and stability derivatives of aerodynamic surfaces. You can create the geometry by editing an input file, export it / run the simulation etc etc. VorDyn2 is basically a collection of MATLAB scripts. Click on the title to download a .zip or click here for the manual: VorDyn2 Manual. You can click on the image for bigger resolution.

VorDyn1.0 - [MATLAB, Feb 2014] - VorDyn1.0 is simply the previous version of VorDyn2, supporting only aircraft-like geometries. The advantage of this old version is that is gives an extimation of the stability derivative Cl_alphadot and Cm_alphadot, not supported anymorein VorDyn2. VorDyn1.0 Manual.

∇ Electromagnetism

Qsci - [MATLAB, April 2015] - Qsci is a MATLAB script that plots the electrostatic field generated by a set of conductors. You can assemble some geometries, impose a Voltage or total Charge on conductors and Qsci will plot surface charge density, the electrostatic potential and compute Capacitances. With a single click on the name you can download the marvellous script in compressed .tar.gz format, or click here to download a simple manual with colored pictures. Qsci Manual. You can click on the image for bigger resolution.