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Here's something that belongs nowhereelse.. Nothing serious here!

2D Ising Model - [PDF (source inside), lang: ENG - code: Matlab 2015] - A naive Matlab script implementing Metropolis algorithm for solving the 2D Ising model.

Ceramikalc0.1 - [C++, 2015] - Simple C++ program that computes the failure probability for fragile materials (such as ceramic) starting from FEM data. Based on weibull distribution. Exports results in VTK format (viz. paraview)! Manual here.

Remotely controlling your home cluster - [html page, 2015] - ... via SSH tunnel, and switching on/off nodes with some relais.

Very Basic Assembly Tutorial - [html page, 2016] - a few lessons to get aquainted to ASM programming. Mainly for my own reference.

Light bulb Pirani vacuum gauge - test - [html page, 2018] - Some preliminary rough testing of a light bulb filament used as a Pirani gauge to measure the vacuum degree.

Numerical integration in C++ Tutorial - [html page, 2016] - Beginners tutorial about numerical integration in C++ with the Boost library.

Dual Core Dual PC - [html page, 2015] - Have some fun building a dual-core dual-PC computer

Polyester resin propellant - [html page, 2018] - Testing out a polyester resin propellant, made on the fly by mixing KNO3, polyester resin, with Fe2O3 and/or sulfur as additives.

4 wire fan PWM controller with 555 timer - [html page, 2019] - Schematic of a pwm at 25 kHz from 555 astable oscillator for controlling the RPMs of a PC 4-wire fan.

Compressible flows and CFL condition - A quick note about simulating hyperbolic problems

Quasi-1D isentropic nozzle expansion - [Octave, 2018] - A couple of scripts solving the isentropic nozzle equations. Given a nozzle geometry and the conditions in the throat, they return the velocity, Mach number, density and pressure along the nozzle.

Sod shock analytical solution - [Octave, 2019] - Analytical solution for the Sod's shock tube problem. It will work also for Matlab. For uR = 0 only.

Finite Volume solver for Euler equations - [Octave, 2020] - The simplest ever finite-volume solver for the Euler equations of gas dynamics, in 1D. Uses HLL flux functions and explicit forward Euler integration. It works also for Matlab.

Rates from cross-sections - [Octave, 2018] - A couple of scripts that: (1) compute rates from given cross-sections and (2) fit the modified Arrhenius law to a (chemical production) rate tabulated against the temperature.

Tiny tutorial on SPICE - the circuit simulator - [html page, 2019] - with suuuuper simple examples!

Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) - [html page, 2018] - aka: "why do they put a large and a small capacitors in parallel".

Graphics Importer - [Octave, 2016] - Simple script to extract data from images. Supports log plots.

Paraview Colormap Generator - [Octave, 2016] - This script creates a "stepwise constant" colormap for Paraview. The link opens a page with a brief description and a nice picture.

Plotting data with ParaView - [html page, 2020] - simple way to plot a 3D data field.

Notes on programming with CUDA Fortran - [html page, 2020] - If you are starting writing scientific code using CUDA Fortran you may want to check out these few notes.

Fitting functions with neural nets - [Python-Keras-Tensorflow, 2020] - Some experiments with neural networks, with Keras, aimed at fitting functions.

Setting up a GPU for deep learning - [Python-Keras-Tensorflow, 2020] - Some preliminary (and broken!!!) notes about setting a GPU for neural nets! Don't follow them, just take inspiration.

Dynamometer via Parallel Port and Python - [html page] - Pictures and python script for an old dynamometer, working via parallel port.

LaTeX kickstart - [Source + PDF, ITALIAN 2015] - Click here to download the Latex Source and here to download the PDF result

Recalling magnetostatic circuits - [html] - Just some formulas that I keep forgetting about magnetic circuits. Plus a stupid note for application to Hall thruster magnetic structure geometries.

Recovering removed files in Linux - [html page] - Did you just remove something using the command rm and you deeply regret it?

Simplest Web Crawler - [Python] - A very simple python script that extracts email addresses and links from an url. Make it executable with chmod +x pycrawlsimple.py and run with ./pycrawlsimple.py

Spiderman Shaving - [video - 2010] - about Spiderman running out of shaving cream..

VorDyn2 wallpaper - [Wallpaper - 1200x800] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > >

Shredder Loves Debian - [Wallpaper - 1200x800] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - > >