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First of all, if you want to contact me, you can write to: dainonottambulo -at- gmail -dot- com!

Well.. my name is Stefano Boccelli, and I graduated in Aerospace and Aeronautical engineering (2016) in Politecnico di Milano, with a Master's Thesis about flows out of thermal and chemical equilibrium (mainly hypersonic atmospheric entry flows). You can find my master thesis HERE!

By the way, take a look at my marvellous graduation tie!! ----->>>

I'm currently a PhD student in the Aerospace Engineering department, in Politecnico di Milano and von Karman Insitute (VKI), and I'm working on kinetic plasmas for electric propulsion applications (mostly, Hall Effect Thrusters) under the supervision of Prof. Aldo Frezzotti and Prof. Thierry Magin. If you scroll down the page, you will find a couple of pics from my working place.

Before starting the PhD, I compleated a post-graduate level "Research Master" (former Diploma Course) at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, located at the border between the flemish and wallon regions of (a quite rainy) Belgium. This is a master-after-master level program, where students are asked to follow some courses and work on a personal project, that in my case was linked to plasma flows that develop in the trail of meteoroids coming at high velocities into the Earth's atmosphere.

In the picture, a view of the town hall's tower of Bruxelles, from a side street. This day, it was illuminated in purple.

Along the PhD, I was lucky enough to visit two awesome research groups. First, (2018 and 2019) I had the pleasure to collaborate with the group of Prof. Anne Bourdon at Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas (LPP), Ecole Polytechnique, Paris. Then, in 2020 I could get to know the group of Prof. James McDonald at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ottawa, Canada.

And besides all the good research, yes, these lobsters from Halifax were delicious!!!

I come from Cremona, a small town in nothern Italy. It's not such a big city, but I really like it. Actually there's even some chance that you've heard about my town, since it's the birth town of a bounch of great guys such as Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Amati! Walking by the city centre sourrounded by November mist, late in the evening, your steps being almost the only sound source, then stopping for a moment in front of one of the many luthier shops and watching in the back of the shop a mid-age man silently scratching a precious piece of wood, soon to become a masterpiece... That's what it's like to live into my town.
Of course, there's much more to be proud of if you're living in Cremona! Cremona is often called "the city of the three T", in local dialect: Turòon, Turas, Tetas. The first one stands for a sweet "torrone", the second one is the name of the pretty high tower of our cathedral ("torrazzo") and I let you discover on your own the meaning of the third.

Last but not least, a couple of pictures from the Bovisa Campus of Politecnico di Milano. It's supposed to be a pretty ugly place, built from the ruins of old industrial sheds, far away from the beauty and the luxury of the main "Leonardo" campus, but I swear it's really beautiful place if you can grab its spirit.