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Hello everybody and welcome to my personal website!

My name is Stefano Boccelli and I'm a PhD student at Politecnico di Milano and von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics. This simple website is intended to collect some of my free-time or university projects, starting more or less from the begin of my master studies in Aeronautical engineering, in Italy. Some of those works might be useful to you (at least, I hope so!) some might not.. For any questions or suggestion, feel free to e-mail me and I'll be happy to answer you ASAP!

  BoccelliEngineering believes in Open Knowledge. Long live SCI-HUB!

Theoreticalibus - Some theoretical stuff: MSc and RM thesis, publications and some additional material with a somehow more theoretical orientation.

Software - Here you'll find some scripts/programs, mainly in Octave/MATLAB or C++, or computer-related stuff. Mainly engineering programs!

Experimentation and real stuff - Some realizations: from 30-Newton-MAX load cell, to measuring load spectra on a bicicle frame.

Junk - Something that doesn't fit elsewhere. No warranty on quality of this material! :-)

About me - The easiest page to write..

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  • [Oct 2019] - Created the section "The Vacuum Diaries".
  • [30 Jul 2019] - Added some pictures of a welding table / cart, HERE.
  • [25 May 2019] - LARSEN is online, solver for thermochemical nonequilibrium hypersonic flows HERE.
  • [26 Jan 2019] - A simple dual power supply for ±15 V, using MC7815 and 7915, HERE.
  • [01 Jan 2019] - BoccelliEngineering has a new section! Enjoy the new "Theoreticalibus" page.
  • [30 Dec 2018] - Preliminary experiments on composite rocket propellant in the junk page, HERE.
  • [18 Dec 2018] - Added a kinetic theory DVM solver "FVKin" in software page.
  • [14 Oct 2018] - The photos of the second Pinguino Lecture Series have been published! Watch them on the new official page of the PLS.
  • [Sep 2018] - Check out some plans for building a Time-Controlled Spot Welder, a simple Bench Power Supply and finally some Baratron Vacuum Gauge reading circuitry.
  • [30 Mar 2018] - Added a script for quasi-1D isentropic nozzle flows in the junk page.
  • [97 Feb 2018] - Preliminary experiment on Pirani gauges from lightbulbs, in the junk page.
  • [30 Mar 2018] - Added a Pirani gauge experiment and
  • [12 Nov 2017] - Added report on Mach 3.5 flows in experimentation page.
  • [30 Jun 2017] - Freshly graduated from VKI Research Master program! Pictures here.
  • [01 Mar 2017] - Added report on spectroscopy of plasmas in experimentation page.
  • [15 Apr 2017] - The first Pinguino Lecture Series took place in Milan! See pictures here.
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