What is the Pinguino Lecture Series?


PLS is based on the belief that what drives our evolution is the exchange of knowledge. Usually, as we progress along our careers, we tend to become more and more specialized in our narrow topics and we become less and less in touch with innovations, new methodologies and discoveries risen in other fields. The PLS was launched to counteract this tendency: we wish to provide an enriching environment for sharing knowledge, ideas and different points of view, focusing on scientific, technological and all related fields!
Do you want to join the next PLS? Contact us at: dainonottambulo -at- gmail -dot- com.


The PLS is an informal meeting for scientists, technicians, amateurs... We meet up, get a cup of coffee, share our work with the support of a few presentation slides. Fluid dynamics, mechanics, psychology, material science, biotechnology.. we are interested in every branch of scientific knowledge!
Why should you join us?
1. Why not?! ;-)
2. You'll meet a bunch of young and passionated researchers and workers in a number of super-interesting fields...enlarge your network!
3. You'll get to see other people's work, display your results and expertise and have stimulating discussions;
4. You'll contribute to our knowledge-sharing mission;
5. You'll get a cup of great italian coffee and a superb meal (!!!)
HEY HEY HEY HEY: it's NOT necessary to present something to join the PLS. It's enough to bring with you some chips and all your will to help knowledge diffusion!
Make sure to check out the programs of the previous PLS editions, right-clicking the images on the page side.