Homemade DUAL-PC

Everybody owns a dual-core computer nowadays, but... what about a DUAL-PC??? Enjoy this graceless week-end project and send me photos when you'll make your own!
Ok, we want to merge those two things in one single case.

Remove unnecessary casing junk. Of course you can keep the mobo in place while drilling the case, otherwise I think you'll lose your warranty.

Now cut a plexiglass side to house the second mobo.

Damn.. the power supply leaves no room for this capacitor.. (still lucky I didn't remove it)

Here's the mobo in place plus the graphic card!

Time to add some fans. One here..

.. and a bigger one (0.7A) on the side!

Provide a button to it, since it's not that quiet.

And finally some switches


... mine does switch on, in spite of in-place drilling, welding, machining and the like. What about yours?